Nordstrom Trunk Club vs. Stitch Fix: The Battle of the Boxes

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Living in Vermont, we don’t have a lot of clothing stores. The shops on Church street can be pricy or just not the style I am looking for. During my time in Vermont (4 years now), I’ve seen Express, Loft and Macy’s close down. Macy’s now houses Burlington High School. No, I’m not kidding!

Students commute between classes at Downtown Burlington High School, Monday, March 22, 2021, in Burlington, Vt. Students who once shopped at a downtown mall are now attending high school in the mall's former Macy's department store, taking escalators to and from classes. The existing Burlington High School was closed last August after PCBs were found in the building.

I first tried Stitch Fix when I was in need of work pants for my new job. My pharmacy manager at the time and a friend said they used it so I decided to give it a try. It was great for a bit but after about 8 Stitch Fix boxes, a good friend of mine recommended Nordstrom’s Trunk Club. I was intrigued since all the influencers LOVED Nordstrom so much and basically forced the anniversary sales down their followers throats. I’ve now ordered 3 Trunk Club boxes and I’m about to receive my 4th. Oh, and now I’ve started forcing the anniversary sale down my followers’ throats.

Below I’ve broken down each subscription box by different categories which include: Style, Price, Quality, Customer Service, Styling Fee, Referral Program and the Return Process.

You can see all the items I’ve received thus far on Instagram via my highlights.

Jean Jacket: Stitch Fix | Pants: Trunk Club | Shades
| Purse | Shoes


Stitch Fix: This was the first clothing subscription box I ever tried. It really pushed me to try different cuts of clothing I wasn’t used to wearing. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and I’m so glad I tried it out. They often send pieces with lots of different patterns, which makes it difficult to mix and match your clothes at times. Some brands used are little known. You are sent 5 items to trial, but you can add on extras.

Trunk Club: I think this is better suited for young women (mid-20’s to 30’s) and not so much high school/college girls who may like to be more fashion-forward. The style is more sophisticated and items they send often are solid colored. A huge pro with this option is that you are sent a preview before your items are shipped to you. You can choose to reject items then and there and have them replaced. The brands are usually very well-known. You are sent 10 items to trial, but you can add on extras.

Who wins: Trunk Club because I want more versatile, classic and age-appropriate pieces that I can easily mix and match with items I already own. Being able to reject repulsive pieces right off the bat is a huge plus.


Tank: Trunk Club | Necklace | Matching Earrings (Not pictured)

Stitch Fix: Prices have ranged from $38 for the a thin summery top to $110 for a pair of Spanx pants that I loved, but didn’t keep. Some of the prices are comparable to Trunk Club since they both carry some of the same brands. If anything, I think Stitch Fix helped transition me over to Trunk Club because of similar brands being used. Items are always full-price. You get a 25% discount if you keep all 5 items in the box.

Trunk Club: Prices have ranged from $18 for a simple tank to $140 for a freaking cotton and silk cardigan. If an item is on sale at Nordstrom, the prices can be marked down accordingly. BUT! Not always! With my most recent box, the price in the Trunk Club app didn’t update so I did have to message someone within the app to help modify the price. Trunk Club/Nordstrom also does automatically price match as well to similar retailers such as Macy’s. You will see this on their site with a comment that says “some items are price matched.” You can also indicate to your stylist before you order your box that you would like sale items. Nordstrom’s site has way too many items to sift through so having a stylist do the work for you is great.

Who wins: Stitch Fix is MUCH more budget-friendly. Each piece on average is less than Trunk Club, but if quality is important to you…keep reading!


Stitch Fix: One dress I absolutely love was $78 but started pilling after 2-3 wears and hand-washes. It was a let down. I’ve seen items shrink as well. The cloth used is usually thin, too. Meh!

Trunk Club: The one piece I have washed several times so far has held up well. Time will tell and I’ll have to update this portion later.

Who wins: Probably Trunk Club.

Customer Service

Stitch Fix: When a box was horrendous, I’d share my thoughts on Instagram and tag the company. They would then offer to wave the styling fee to trial a second box – I don’t think the $20 styling fee from the first box gets applied to the items you keep in the second box so you do end up paying a styling fee. That’s lame in my mind.

Trunk Club: I didn’t complain about my first box but I probably should’ve since I didn’t like or keep anything from it because of the quality or fit. They have an app which makes it very easy to communicate about any issues. They respond within minutes!

Who wins: Trunk Club because they’re super responsive.

Styling Fee

Stitch Fix: $20, but waived if you keep at least one item. I have kept one item in each box two times in order to avoid incurring a styling fee. It made sense to keep a discounted item, in a sense, rather than nothing at all.

Trunk Club: $25, but waived if you keep at least an item. Waived completely if you have the Nordstrom credit card and have that card on file. This is why I signed up for the card recently.

Who wins: Trunk Club because you can avoid the fee if you have the Nordy credit card. I’d recommend the credit card if you can behave with credit cards.

Referral Program

Stitch Fix: The referral program awards both parties $25, and once in awhile $50. ONLY one time I did see a $100 referral and quickly forwarded it to a few friends. None of them took haha. I think those high referral credits are great because essentially you could get 1-2 pieces for free. If you’d like to trial Stitch Fix, please do use my link here.

Trunk Club: This is set in stone. $50. I think that’s pretty good. If you would like to trial Trunk Club, please do use my link here.

Who wins: Trunk Club because on average, they give you more credit. But do keep in mind, generally, Trunk Club items are more pricey.

Return Process

Stitch Fix: You have 3 days to try on items, but you can extend this further out via the site or app. For mailing returns, I unfortunately do not have a outgoing mailbox slit big enough to jam my returns into so I have to go to the post office or find a mailbox location.

Trunk Club: You have 5 days to try on items. You can easily extend your try-on period via the app. I highly recommend downloading it even if you are just trying out Trunk Club for the first time. FedEx picks up returns right from your home too! Super hassle free. Also, if you have a change of heart about keeping a piece after you’ve already mailed your Trunk Club back, you can return the piece in store which is what I did one time because I was going to a town with a REAL mall. But know that it won’t be easy – The clerk was a bit confused on how to do it. Eventually, her coworker helped me out.

Who wins: Trunk Club 100%. Little work is required on the buyer’s part.


I think Stitch Fix was a good starter subscription clothing box, but I’ve outgrown it. Most of the items from Stitch Fix are of thin quality and require hand-washing – AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FO’ THAT! Yes there’s always dry-cleaning as an option but that adds up quickly. Trunk Club wins in every category except for price, but the price is worth it for the quality. I’m comfortable paying for higher quality pieces that I will wear for longer.

If you’ve tried Stitch Fix and/or Trunk Club, what are your thoughts on them? Leave a comment below!