My Mom is Going to Kill Me…

I’ve had a lot of interesting banter with my mom over the years. I decided to finally compile as much as I could for now in one place just to show you all what I have on my hands. This mom of mine has many sides to her.

Side A: She knows how to throw shade.



She meant “which” but she didn’t mind sending this message as is either.
I thought you loved me, mom….My husband still brings up this conversation to this day.
Back in 2010, I believe I created a motivation board. My mom took it upon herself to add her own 2 cents.

Side B: She is caring and likes to check in on me.

Good thing I was where and with who I said I was.

As the night continued, my mom checked in again. And as with most parents a few years ago, my mom was trying to figure out Siri:

phonto (1)

The “Stop drinking, drinker” comment is my favorite.

The “style” comment is a reference to this Indian song:

Side C: Moms can’t always be strong. They have weaknesses and fears just like everyone else.

Kohl’s does this to you I guess.

Side D: She is curious about what’s going on in the world in both entertainment and weather.


Then there was the Pokemon Go craze:


She had questions about the snow storms coming through Boston:


“Nimooda” is a well-known Indian song.

She didn’t quite understand the names of popular musical artists:


Side E: But sadly her age is beginning to show…

I died at this one when it happened.

Side F: Her favorite movie is the Hangover, but I’m almost certain that she’s only seen the TV version.


Side G: I do enjoy her sound effects and imagination thoroughly.


Side H: Then there is the tea addiction.



I definitely inherited my mom’s humor as my dad stands steadfast with his “dad jokes.” Thanks for reading! Please do share this post with others if you enjoyed it!

What’s the funniest thing your mom has ever said? Leave a comment!

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