About RelatableRoni.com

RelatableRoni.com is a lifestyle blog about everything from home, food, travel, marriage, health to whatever I’m thinking at the moment. I hope my readers will take away tips on all these topics.

I love food! I made sure I ate at all my wedding events.

About Roni

Who are you? My name is Roni, short for Ronica. My parents basically made up my name.

What do you do? I am a pharmacist from Massachusetts who recently moved to Vermont. Currently I am unemployed and looking for work!

Why did you move to Vermont? I moved to Vermont for my husband’s work. We bought a house together in June 2017 when he began his job here. I moved in shortly after our wedding in August.

What have you been up to during your funemployment period? I have finished furnishing almost our whole entire house to make it into a home. I have taught myself to cook which I find extremely enjoyable. I bought an elliptical to ensure that I get my exercise in as Vermont winters are unpredictable and I’d rather not venture out into the cold to go to the gym so I decided to bring a bit of the gym home to me. I also have done some continuing pharmacy education to complete my annual requirements. I find that maintaining a home can be time-consuming between laundry and cleaning as well, but I’m eager to get back to work and be somewhere my intellect is more useful.

Do you think you’re funny? Yes, very. My husband tells me so every day. Read my blog and I think you’ll agree, but sometimes I mess up and throw a random dad joke in.