About RelatableRoni.com

RelatableRoni.com is a lifestyle blog about everything from home, fashion, food, travel, marriage, health to whatever I’m thinking at the moment. I hope my readers will take away tips on all these topics.

I love food! I made sure I ate at all my wedding events.

About Roni

Who are you? My name is Roni, short for Ronica. My parents basically made up my name.

What do you do? I am a clinical pharmacist working in inpatient pharmacy.

Why did you move to Vermont? I moved to Vermont for my husband’s work. He is a neurosurgery resident. We bought a house together in June 2017 when he began his job here. I moved in shortly after our wedding in August.

Do you think you’re funny? Yes, very. My husband tells me so every day. Read my blog and I think you’ll agree, but sometimes I mess up and throw a random dad joke in.