Old Navy is stepping it up!

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Old Navy currently has a sale on all their dresses. I haven’t been to an Old Navy in years, but I was out with a friend Saturday and we decided to check it out. There was a line out the door and it brought me back to my college clubbing days in Boston. “Hey, what’s the cover charge!?”

Anyway, I found a few pieces I really liked! The material felt like it would last too. I don’t like buying clothing that just pills or shrinks after a single wash and dry on a line (not in the dryer). Let’s not create more garbage in those landfills. If you currently do have clothes that pill a lot, I recommend this fabric shaver. It’ll save your clothes, sofa and carpets.

Old Navy also faired decently well on this site: Good on You: Old Navy which tells us how ethical the store is based on its environmental impact, labor conditions, and animal welfare. The reason I hadn’t shopped there for so long was because I felt the materials they used were super flimsy and wouldn’t last. This time around, I feel like they have definitely stepped up their game.

I bought the T-shirt above in grey in a size small for a bit of a looser and more comfortable fit. It’s funny how I used to wear skin tight tops in high school and college….but maybe that’s how I landed the hubby 😆. Just kidding. The T-shirt comes in multiple colors and a few colored striped patterns. I definitely didn’t realize that Old Navy has regular sizes in stores and tall and petite sizing in addition online so *mind blown*.

So you know how mirrors in stores can be extremely deceptive? Well, I wasn’t sure if I loved this dress or if it fit how it should. I decided to take it home and see if my husband thought it looked nice. I really thought I might not be able to pull off a tiered swing dress because they often hit my hips and pear-shaped body at the wrong place but this one was perfect after all! I can’t wait to wear it this summer!

I debated about this dress as well. I wasn’t sure if the small or x-small was a better fit. I ended up going with the small to allow myself a larger range of motion. I really like the midi length of this dress – good for the days you don’t want to shave above your knees. This dress does come in several other patterns.

All in all, everything I bought was 50% off when I shopped this weekend so it was very affordable. Old Navy is one of those places that always has a sale. If the stock is low on these pieces, I would expect a restock and a sale again. But alsooooo maybe don’t wait too long if you really like something because they may run out and eventually not restock the item.

Check out this Krazy Coupon Lady post about how to get the best deals at Old Navy.


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Get Stronger With These Quarantine Workouts

Time to work off all those free chicken nuggets McDonald’s has been giving health care workers.

When I first moved to Vermont, the two most important things I needed in life here were Trader Joe’s and a Pure Barre studio. Yes, call me a basic bitch, that’s fine. I did Pure Barre off and on for about 3-4 years in MA and VT. After my last Pure Barre membership expired in November ’19, I decided to use up my remaining classes at Core Studio, a local barre/pilates studio. After that, I thought my body really needed more cardio. I hate cardio because I don’t like sweating but it was time. After hearing recommendations from a high school friend who went to Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) in San Francisco whose trainer had transferred to my local OTF, and from two local friends who were current members, I tried it out.

Orangetheory Fitness At Home

I loved and hated my first free OTF class because I sweat. I was pretty sore for the following few days. I signed up for the 8 classes/month package since I tend to find classes convenient to my varying schedule about 2 days per week.

Anyway, about a month later the quarantine shut things down. I was so glad I had the heart rate monitor for my home workouts with OTF. The heart rate monitor lets you know when you are in the optimal zone, the orange zone.

Per OTF,  the “Orange Zone (84-91% Maximum Heart Rate) – This is where the magic happens and where you achieve “EPOC” (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) – what we call the “Orange Effect / Afterburn.” The goal is to accumulate 12 minutes or more in this zone within a 60-minute period to achieve the maximum caloric burn for up to 36 hours AFTER your workout is completed.”

OTF has been posting a daily workout pretty much throughout the quarantine which has been a lifesaver. I would’ve felt like a blob without them. I definitely tend to do certain posted videos more often than others because of their focus on specific areas. After 2-3 workouts per week over maybe 6 weeks, my arms are much more toned and my biceps are huge (in my eyes at least). RAWR! BEAST MODE!

^ This is my favorite workout thus far. It really pushed me. I don’t have bands so I manage without them because it’s still a solid workout.

My home OTF studio may be opening in 4 weeks but I’d rather wait longer to go back to ensure it’s safe and the curve is still trending downwards.

Chloe Ting

On top of OTF, I also stumbled upon a killer ab workout by Chloe Ting on Youtube. Ugh, I’m seeing lines form on my stomach…or maybe I’m just imagining things. Either way, I’m quite excited about it.

I reallllyyyy enjoy this. The Russian twists and Spiderman plank are *mwah* bellissimo! The morning after a workout, I wake up and run to my bedroom mirror and flash myself and try to find any changes. Then I run to the bigger mirror in my spare bedroom and look in that mirror…because I have to look again in different lighting?? Not sure, but I do it. Hubby just committed to doing this with me 3-4 times a week. We’re gonna walk out of this quarantine with 6-packs…although the quarantine is possibly almost over so too late?!


As a former garba dancer, some of these choreographed dances really put me on cloud 9. BollyX is for all the aunties, like myself, who miss their good old dance days in college and before.  I bought the lifetime membership to BollyX about 6 months ago. I will use it off and on when I’m in the dancing mood. It definitely is the fix I need at times. Youtube does have a few of their videos for free but their website allows you to build a workout playlist that incorporates a warmup, dance routines and a cool down.


I used to do Blogilates workouts but I feel like many of her newer videos I am just incapable of doing. I tend to resort to her older uploads because of this. I haven’t done many of these in the last few months but she’s come up with some weeklong challenges that look rather interesting:

What have you been doing for your home workouts? Leave a comment below!