Welcome to Relatable Roni: 5 reasons why I started blogging

First of all, I thought “relatable” was actually spelled “relateable” but I’m glad I figured that out before I purchased this domain.

5 reasons I started a blog:

  1. I recently moved to Vermont from Massachusetts. I spend much of my day on my own as I’m unemployed and haven’t met many people. I don’t think this will get easier as it’s almost winter and will be for about the next 20 months. I’m quite independent so it doesn’t bother me. I feel blogging will be a good outlet and I need more of a routine.
  2. I think I’m funny so I’m able to entertain myself in some ridiculous ways between applying for jobs and I feel what I do may be entertaining or interesting to others. But maybe I just think people are interested and they really aren’t. They might be like “Hey look at this dork!” and that is a-okay with me! I AM a dork!
  3. I’ve stumbled upon a lot of instagrammers/bloggers who are mainly just trying to sell stuff. I only hope they are honest and believe in the products they are selling. Some of them receive so many freebies, I don’t know how they could possibly positively review every item. So one day, it’d be nice to receive free stuff. That’d be cool. Who doesn’t like free stuff?! But I’d like to review various products here. I’ve literally bought everything from A-Z in the last 4 months.
  4. I LOVE FOOD SO MUCH! I attempt to cook and my starving husband tells me it’s amazing. Sometimes I think he believes it’s good because it’s 8pm and it’s literally his first meal of the day. I appreciate his compliments to the chef nonetheless. I’d like to share some recipes here…both the good and bad.
  5. Finally, I’d love to use this blog to share all my adventures and travels in Vermont & abroad!

So stay tuned!

Our beautiful Vermont sunset view


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