The Diary of a 90’s Child

Welcome to the many secrets of my 9 to 10 year old self. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a dork, but this..this is too much. Looking back upon my diary has been hilarious for me. I don’t know if it’ll provide others with any laughs but it’s made me realize one thing: I’m super glad I wrote all this down as a kid, because 20 years later, the memories are priceless.

I will be showing a select few excerpts, as much of my diary is probably complete junk to others.

But first, the epic cover art:


Oh, Lisa Frank, your pencils, coloring books, folders and so much more were like an aphrodisiac to a young 90’s girl. Look at all those bright colors! Who would’ve thought to make cats pink and purple! It’s absolutely beautiful!

Moving on, let’s delve into the author’s page:

Transcription below

So that’s me and my wonderful cursive handwriting….Why am I writing in cursive? It’s because I was in third grade and that’s when you learn to write in cursive. And that’s probably a chocolate stain on the page…I hope.

So this is what it says if you can’t read my handwriting (My comments will be in my favorite color, blue):

“Name: Roni….
[Diary] Given to me by: Didi and Dada (My dad’s sister and her husband)
Favorite Color: Blue (Still is)
Favorite Food: Pizza (I was such a fat child growing up because I lived off of Elios)

The proof:

ugly me
I’m 11 here

Favorite Song: “Tearin up my heart”
Favorite Group: *Nsync (I’m not sure where this came from because I thought the Backstreet Boys or Spice Girls were my favorite)
Favorite Cartoon: Rugrats
Favorite Movie: _______
Favorite Sport: Kickball
Favorite Game: Scorch (Do people remember this game? It was great.)
Favorite Subject: Math (I love math to this day)
Favorite pastime: When I went to Hershey’s Park (I clearly didn’t understand this question and took it literally lol)
Favorite Animal: Dog
Favorite Friends: Nikita, Vicky, Alicia (Shoutout to these peeps!)
My goal is to: be a singer or an artist (Didn’t everyone at that age?)”

Excerpt #1: The sibling fights and arguments 

“Nov 11, 1997 Today was my dance class. It started at 9:30, but Mom and me went there around 11 o’clock. When I got home I jumproped a lot. Then  watched TV. Then mom came home and we had lunch. When mom was gone I went to the bathroom and Sameer and Shawn came upstairs. I heard them saying “ronica” the word is worse than the word bad, mean, stupid, dump, the F word, the A word, crazy, and the middle finger. Sameer and Shawn are the meanest brothers anybody could have. Today is a holiday. Sincerely, Ronica Parwani”

“Dump” = dumb…clearly I was “dump.” Also, let me state that I was 9 and my brother Sameer was 14.

Excerpt #2: The sibling fights and arguments continued

I just wanted to highlight here that I wrote “Sameer has know brain.” I clearly had “know” brain..

Excerpt #3: The extent of my secrets and my wanting of a pet

There were more drawings but they just…I couldn’t do that to my 9 year old self.

Excerpt #4: The continuation of the want for a pet:

I completely used quotations wrong here.

Excerpt #5: The final outcome of the pet saga:

“Dear Diary, I am not getting a hamster now because I have to go to India. I am getting a hamster after summer.”

I never got that hamster.

Excerpt #6: It wasn’t the 90’s unless there was some mention of the Spice Girls:

“Today I watched girl power. It’s on the channel called VH1. The Spice Girls were hosting it, and they sang a song. it started at 2:00 and ended at 4:00, but I started watching it around 2:50.” The time I started watching was very important…

Excerpt #7: Every 90’s girl’s packing list for a 4-hour car ride and a weekend trip to New Jersey.

Remember CD players?! #14 says “OHNO.” It was a knock-off of the card game UNO haha.

I also wrote some comments about my older brother that he clearly crossed off (“Sam is being very mean. He is a big lier.” And I guess I made a card for my aunt and uncle that had those googly or wiggley eyes and one of them fell off.

My siblings and I do get along…now. I hope you’ve enjoyed this. If you want to see more diary entries, let me know!


Relatable Roni :p

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