Adulting 201: Furniture Shopping (Part 2- The Master Bedroom)

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My husband and I closed on our home in June 2017 and he moved in about a week later to begin his residency program. I moved in two months later after our wedding. Since then, I have been meticulously picking each piece of furniture for our home, but I was the most picky about our bedroom furniture. Well, eight months from closing and several stages later, we are done furnishing our master bedroom!

Stage 1:

Originally, we had a queen mattress with a simple metal frame. We had no other furnishing in our bedroom. This was fine initially. We shopped around locally for a queen bedroom set. We didn’t find anything we liked or it was too expensive for some very basic pieces. In this phase, we definitely had to put up some curtains so we built our color scheme off them.

Stage 2:

We have a 3-bedroom home so we knew we’d need at least one more mattress for guests. So we went ahead and bought a new king mattress for our bedroom. We moved the queen mattress along with its frame into guest bedroom #1. Then we unboxed our Nuvanna mattress, and on the floor it stayed for 4 months. Taking Instagram stories with this obvious faux pas has been a little embarrassing but I wanted to find a bedroom set I really liked and I was willing to wait. In hindsight, we probably should’ve purchased a frame and a box spring just to get our bed off the ground.

Stage 3:

I did consider shopping online for a king bedroom set but felt it could be too risky as we would be dropping at least $2000 on something we had never seen in person. We went to Ashley Furniture, the Superstore, and Wendell’s and weren’t sold on anything.

I checked out Bernie & Phyl’s website. Bernie and Phyl’s is a New England furniture chain that I really trust. My parents bought a bedroom set there and I, a couch. Anyway, I didn’t see anything I liked online. I decided to check out the store anyway when I went home last week just in case they had something that wasn’t featured online. I liked 3 different sets in-store:

Set 1 was pretty simple. Set 2 reminded me of Beauty and the Beast with the talking chest so I really adored it. The upholstery on it was light-colored and I think when I do have children, they will probably be monsters and ruin anything that’s light-colored so I decided against this one (although my mom said that none of my nephews and nieces did such things so she didn’t expect that out of my future kids…but my children will be monsters. I’m sure. My husband and I will yield some wild creatures). Also, I feel like I would grow tired of looking at Set 2 as it’s different and styles can change quickly. Set 3, the Dundee Place Panel Bed, seemed the most practical and modern, defined #adulting, and seemed evergreen.

Sets like these would be at least 2-3 times as expensive in most Vermont stores. I’m all for supporting local businesses but you just can’t when it comes to 4 figure differences in price.

Stage 4:

We then purchased a box spring from Amazon. I didn’t know this, but stores will give you two twin XL box springs to support a king mattress. The stores were charging $200-250 for this. Most box springs are also wooden. Amazon charged half as much for a king box spring and it was made of steel. We did have to assemble it ourselves which took 45 minutes and it wasn’t difficult.

After a tiresome search, I online-ordered a comforter set from Bed Bath & Beyond so if I didn’t like it, I could just return it easily in stores.

Stage 5:

Today, 2/14/18, everything miraculously arrived on the same exact day: the furniture, comforter, and box spring. After the delivery men set up the furniture, we assembled the box spring, made a quick trip to Home Depot, and made our bed. WE FINALLY WERE DONE!!!

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Hmmmm…I don’t think the pics do it justice, but we’re super happy with our room!

If you’re shopping for large pieces of furniture, be sure to see them in person and pay for the delivery and assembly! You don’t want to damage your home or break your backs carrying anything.

Thank you for reading!

XOXO Roni-girl (like XOXO Gossip Girl)

This post does contain affiliate links but all opinions are honest and my own. This post doesn’t contain any affiliate links from Bernie and Phyl’s and nor is it sponsored by them, although I wish it were.

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