Friday Finds: From Baller to Bawler

Happy Friday! If you’re planning to do some major movie and TV binging this weekend, keep reading. 

You know that person bawling in a movie theatre…That is who I am now. I am a bawler. I used to call myself a baller, but no, not anymore. I don’t know how it happened, but it has. My mom likes to joke she named me Ronica because “rona” in Hindi means to weep. I was a terribly colicky baby. But even after all the colic was said and done, my name still suits me. I cry at everything even if I’ve already seen a sad scene three times before. Example:

michael scott
From “The Office”

Here’s a list of some movies/TV shows I’ve been watching recently that I highly recommend. The TV shows aren’t new but they’re classics to me.


Coco – I saw this amazing movie in theaters and it is best experienced on the big screen. Yes, I was weeping quietly by the end of this movie. It shows how important family is and man did I miss my family at that point. If you don’t tear up at least a little during this, you’re a robot.

Did I cry: Only immensely

Padmaavat – I usually do not watch Hindi movies but the hype was big on this one. Oh man was this spectacular on screen. When I agreed to see this with my in-laws, I wasn’t sure if I would regret it just based on the length of the movie (2 hrs, 43 mins). But it was worth it. What’s amazing is that this movie is now on Amazon Prime! So even if you don’t watch Hindi movies, it’s probably one you should see. Also, Deepika, dayyymmm gurlllll! You lookin’ fyneeee (as always)!

Did I cry: Yup!

Black Panther – I’m not into action movies but my husband wanted to see this and his coworkers had invited us to come along. It was great and you should probably see it because everyone and their mom has seen it.

Did I cry: No

TV Shows:

The Office – If you haven’t seen this, you and I can’t be friends. It’s been on Netflix for years and I hope it stays that way because it’s my go-to when I don’t know what else to watch.

Did I cry: Several times but there are many more laughs than tears

Parks and Recreation – I’ve seen this show twice over now. Amy Poehler is amazing, but my favorite character has to be April Ludgate.

Did I cry: Rarely

Breaking Bad – Husband got me into this. He’s already seen it in its entirety and now he’s enjoying it with me. It reminds me of “Weeds” but I’m hoping it’s better.

Did I cry: Not yet

The Walking Dead – This was great for about the first 3 seasons and then just kind of dragged on. I was a die hard fan for awhile. Then my mom sat down and watched a little with me and she was like “This is stupid. They can run faster than the zombies.” Thanks, mom. But ya, for some reason, people keep falling and then get bit. Like can you all just stop falling. I feel like there’s only so much you can do with the show at this point and they’re on season 8. Recently I decided to pick up where I left off around season 5. It’s beginning to drag again. I just want to know what happens. I may just read spoilers.

Did I cry: Ya, whenever some people die which is often

Jane the Virgin – My closest friends and I all watch this show. We all started on our own and came to know we were all into it. It’s got a fun plot. I hoped to pick up some Spanish from it but I haven’t. I really wish I didn’t take a dead language as my foreign language in school…

Did I cry: Yes, but mostly at happy/beautiful parts


If I were to choose to watch just any one of these movies/TV shows, I definitely recommend Coco. Thanks for reading!

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