The Two Most Important Words in a Marriage

Thuy Pham Photography

Housewives often go unappreciated. It’s just a fact. And come to think of it, even when I’ve seen a husband step in to take care of something, the wife may barely take notice of it as well. Watching other couples, I’ve seen something my husband does differently.

He always says “Thank you” AND means it. 

When my husband and I were engaged, I took a week off of work and decided to visit him. He would come home late after a 16-18 hour shift and literally inhale the plate of food I had prepared. It made me glad he was getting his fill but also terrible because he was actually THAT hungry.

But what he did next blew me away. He thanked me for the meal, picked up my plate and his, and proceeded to do the dishes. I asked him what he was doing. He told me “You cooked, so I’ll clean up.” Oh, my heart! I got a good one. There’s nothing like SHOWING your appreciation like this.

My husband is a very enthusiastic and positive person. I, on the other hand, am not easily moved. I am naturally always happy but not easily excitable (chill your dirty minds, guys). But because of his nature, he often will come home and be like “Wow! You did the laundry! Wow, the house looks amazing! Wow, you got chicken! Wow, I love this piece of decor you got! I love our home! Thank you for making our house into a home!” It’s his compliments and appreciation that keep me motivated to do these majorly mundane tasks. And when I don’t do them, he doesn’t say anything.

And I hope I say my fair share of “thank you’s” in return. It may be easy to say this all now as newlyweds and I know there’s no possible way I’m a marriage expert at this point, but I hope this becomes ingrained in us. And I hope this is not my infatuation with him taking over *insert crying laughing emoji*.


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