Vermont Restaurant Week Wrap-Up

Husband and I are big foodies so of course we had to take advantage of Restaurant Week in Vermont. At first, we agreed to just go out once when his parents came up. But husband came home really wanting to eat out even before they came to visit. I guess eating dinner out all 5 nights while I was away wasn’t enough for him. Anyway, I kindly agreed to his request.

Bluebird BBQ

This google description sums it up very well: “Casual eatery serving slow-cooked meats & classic sides on metal trays, plus beer, wine & cocktails.”

The offer: $30 for 3 smoked meats & 4 sides for two people to share. Normally, this would be $40 for 2 people.

I said to my husband “What if one person asked for the bbq for two meal?”

I’ve been here once before and ordered the fried chicken sandwich. I thought it was pretty good. I don’t eat pork or beef so this place isn’t my usual pick for a meal out. They do have turkey and chicken on their smokehouse meat menu but the chicken is on the bone. Meh, I like my food boneless. So I ordered the turkey along with what the husband got. The turkey was nothing to write home about. The fries and the mac and cheese were a 7/10. The cornbread with maple butter is my favorite because I’m a basic bitch.

Overall, Bluebird BBQ was ok, but hubs seemed happy. When hubs is happy, I’m happy. Just kidding, he’s not allowed to be happy.

Revolution Kitchen

Revolution Kitchen is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant. It offers dishes utilizing seitan, which is a new word in my vocabulary. Seitan is “flavored wheat gluten often used as a meat analogue” per Merriam-Webster dictionary.

The offer: A 3-course meal for $30 each. Normally, it would’ve been about $35/person so it’s not much of a difference.

Hubs’s roommate at Dartmouth raved about this restaurant and we’ve been wanting to try it since but just hadn’t gotten around to it. Now that his parents were coming up and his mom is vegetarian, we decided to check it out.

Between the four of us, we tried most of the dishes on the Restaurant Week menu.  All the appetizers (brussel sprouts, nachos & asparagus and fennel salad) were delicious in their own way. The basil pesto ravioli with Vermont Creamery chèvre and brown butter-sage-pecan sauce was good but a little too buttery. I thought the yellow curry stir-fry with tofu packed a lot more flavor – next time I will be ordering this. For dessert, we had the maple-vanilla cake & chocolate fudge cake. I definitely favored the maple-vanilla cake while hubs favored the chocolate.


There weren’t many pricier restaurants we wanted to try out that we hadn’t already so two outings were more than enough. I generally like to eat at home as it’s easier to control portions and salt/oil used in the cooking process. At restaurants, I tend to pick at my food when I’m already full and so I overeat. And if it’s a Mexican restaurant with all you can eat chips and salsa, fogettaboutit.

Here is a full list of the restaurants participating: Vermont Restaurant Week

Thanks for reading!


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