My Travel Essentials Packing List

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Summer is arriving and everyone has begun their travels. I just came back from Puerto Rico and I’m definitely ready to see more of the world. But until then, here are a few essential items that I think everyone will need at one point or another while traveling! They were all helpful or could’ve been helpful during my last two major trips.


These backpacks are carry-on size. They come in multiple prints/solids. I have the one above because I was amused by paper airplanes on my backpack while traveling on an airplane. They’re ideal if you’re walking around busy cities and need both your hands free. Carry-on bags with wheels just get in the way. They were perfect for our 17 day Euro-trip. These are also more portable than wheelie bags when it comes to stairs (think London train stations with limited elevators/escalators). A few flights restricted us to one carry-on bag and sometimes that one carry-on bag had to be 10 lbs or less. How do you fit 17 days worth of clothes in one carry-on bag? Continue reading!

Compression bags

Everyone needs these in his/her life. These compression bags are a lifesaver. You can pack a lot more outfits so you can still look cute while traveling. And if you’re traveling during winter, you can pack more layers and sweaters compactly. These bags don’t require a vacuum. You just zip it and then compress the bags to remove the excess air.

Travel steamer

If you’re using compression bags, your clothes may become wrinkled. I just purchased this portable handheld fabric steamer for our recent trip to Puerto Rico. It’s compact, easy to use, and works well. There is a new version but the original is smaller. I plan to use this plenty for the upcoming wedding season instead of traveling with my full size steamer in my car. Indian clothes are such a pain to iron so a steamer is much more ideal.


I’m always hangry so snacks are needed to fend off the beast in me. Breakfast wasn’t included at our hotel in Puerto Rico and was $30/person. We preferred to wait and splurge on lunch instead. We brought granola bars & cereal. We made a stop at CVS once we reached our destination. We picked up some milk and asked our hotel kitchen for bowls and spoons. Voila! Breakfast is set for the next few days. By the way, milk at CVS was $3 while the convenience store across from our hotel was charging $7! So check out a chain store instead as they’re more likely to regulate prices more fairly.

Water bottle

This Contigo water bottle from Walmart was $20. It’s a little cheaper on Amazon right now. It keeps water cool for 18 hours. I kept forgetting to utilize it on our trip but when I did, it kept our water cool on the hot sunny beach. It’s helpful carrying reusable water bottles at airports because you can refill them after going through security. Then you don’t have to pay for overpriced water.

Comfy Shoes

Leave the heels at home. If you’re doing lots of walking, be sure to pack comfortable walking shoes. And if you must pack heels, pack block heels!

Perfume Samplers

We all get those really small sample size perfumes from Sephora or wherever that just sit in our drawer forever. A great time to utilize them is when you’re traveling. This way, you don’t have to worry about packing your large bottle of perfume and it possibly breaking.

Travel bottle sets

These are only $1 at Dollar Tree or $1.50 at Primark. I prefer the Primark set as it has a variety of containers. When I needed them last minute, they were $8 at CVS which is pretty ridiculous.

Portable Charger

I use my phone lots out of boredom at the airport or on my flight. This is a necessary backup.

Extra baggage

It’s smart to carry a smaller suitcase/backpack/bag inside your main luggage. If you plan on doing some serious shopping on your trip, you don’t need to go buying more luggage too. Just throw your new goodies into your extra bag!


I had bought a few new clothes and didn’t rip the tags off yet. One was impossible to get off so I had to call guest services to use their scissors and use them on the spot. It’d be better if we had carried our own instead. From the TSA website, they state “if packed in carry-on, they must be less than 4 inches from the pivot point.”


Happy travels, everyone!

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